Apocalypse Porn

June 15, 2017

Fuck the Planet

Like a whore.
Like a refugee.
Like an android.
Put your hands in the air.
Like you just don't care.
About the planet.


Like everything we don't understand, it becomes our enemy.
Our nemesis, our scourge and sage.
How can we position ourselves so that we never have to account for our actions?
Keep consuming, keep purchasing, keep destroying
The planet.

In response to the Americans pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord,
Macron said, "Make our planet great again".
Are we to believe that the biosphere that supports us
Is ours?
To pollute, subjugate, bully, fuck, abuse, erode.

We are choosing collectively, socially and politically
To fuck the planet.
Or assume such in the vacancy of our spirituality.
We have genetic memory and present experience with
Fighting the elements.

Cocooning ourselves in a shroud of protectivity.
And proclativity.
Justifying our adversarial angle towards the planet
Who bore us
For Horus.


The Earth is awakening with our insolence and disrespect.
Like a sleeping giant who is foggy and grumpy.
She has been in slumber for some time, enjoying void.
But recently, She has been insulted enough to awake.
In a frenzied, startled manner which bears no consideration.

When I say recently, I'm referring to geological time,
In which hundreds or thousands of years pass like light
To a spectrometer.
The industrial revolution at the turn of the last century
Sealed our fate.

Through the subjugation and commodification of the Earth
We gain profit, supposed and literal.
Matched only by the consequence of our collective actions
Which, if objectively observed from afar would appear
Suicidal to base ones philosophy on destruction.

Just because you have the power doesn't mean you have the right.
The right to privilege, to non-accountability, to moral emancipation.
Just because we can manipulate the elements in such a fashion
To afford ourselves the luxuries of modernist speculation,
Doesn't mean we are justified in vilifying the planet.

If we examine the current state of environmental degradation objectively,
It appears absurd to shit where you eat.
If we examine the current state of environmental degradation subjectively,
It appears absurd to shit where you eat
And consider it progress in not having to lift a finger in the process.

Only a thumb, in this case to the nose of reasonable prudence.
While we sit idle, having the virtual illusion of accomplishment.
The world burns, rather chokes on its own creation.
Like a child suffocating it's own parent intentionally.
Without the knowledge necessary to wield such power.


Fuck the planet, it's been nothing but a bother since the beginning.
Always threatening our existence, yet allowing us to proliferate.
The planet has, in other words, been fucking us the whole time
We've been around, constantly testing our resolve to survive.
Now, it's the planets turn to suffer, right?

Problem is, like a sleeping giant, the Earth will awaken again
And create catastrophe at the insult afforded her.
Just as a slumbering parent would react once awoken by a boisterous child.
Agitated, frustrated, reactionary, and violent.
Ethical Egocentrism or rather, Sapienism.

The argument of attributing consciousness and will to the planet
Is less the anthropomorphism of the Earth than planetomorphism of the people.
We enjoy all the mental awareness necessary to survive, yet we currently
Spit in the face of environmental stewardship and moral responsibility.
Curious from such a peaceful and well rounded folk, no?

Rather than assuming our progenitor is a necessary evil meant to be overcome
And conquered, why cannot we assume She is our sage, our mentor, our Goddess.
Without Earth, we are nothing, we are space dust, cosmic detritus.
Yet we still insist on fucking her like an inflatable doll whose insides
Are poison, radioactive, incredibly toxic and deadly.


Technology is the prophylactic which shields us from the truth.
How can one realize the truth when they are part of the problem?
The majority of the first world would perish quickly if deposited in the wilderness
Without the technology they've become dependent upon for daily activities.
How can one find meaning in facility and facsimile?

If life was meant to be easy, it would not be a struggle.
If technology was meant to be liberating, it would not enslave.
If the truth were obvious, everyone would not be talking about it.
If we were meant to destroy the planet, why would we be so concerned?
With it's gang raping, objectification, and demoralization?

No matter how much easier or more accessible technology makes one feel,
It is no better than the last guy at a gang bang putting on a condom.
Protection of oneself is not tantamount to absolving ones sins for participating
In a sin in the first place.
A smartphone can never replace the energy lost in polluting the planet.

Ignorance is not a valid defence for murder.
Just because you have the power, doesn't mean you have the right.
Why does humanity insist on learning obvious ethical issues
The hard way? Most probably because we can.
Ability has been confused with justice.

Fuck the planet.
We don't need her much longer, we're going to find a way off / out.
Nothing more than a stepping stone, we will leave her behind.
Like an old hag, no longer necessary for our pleasure.
Besides, She's almost all used up now anyway.

Problem is, She's the only game in town, numero uno.
She is our progenitor and our world.
She is everything that we know and why we know it.
She is god and only She can judge our insolence and improprieties.
She is rising and thoroughly agitated.

A child that was perpetually creating problems well past childhood
Would be killed in nature. Fuck it, get in line or die.
Nature does not have time for repeated mistakes,
Evolution does not adapt to weakness or facility.
Only the strong survive, so to speak.

The cultural and species memory and thus, fitness / skill
Are determined by the level of struggle / suffering.
With the technology today, why can we not figure out a solution
To disposing our waste in a sanitary fashion with little or no
Long-term consequence to biosphere and it's resiliency?


If we can send a man to the moon, why cannot we dispose of our waste
There is a reason why the very technology that appears to liberate us
In actuality, enslaves and attenuates us as a species.
The Law of Opposites, which accounts for that peculiar facet of reality
That causes things to appear closer to the opposite of what they are.

In other words, the truth most often lies in the realm of the opposite
To appearances.
So when the majority embrace something wholeheartedly and unabashedly
Uncritically and unequivocally, one must wonder.
Without opposition, ideas and creations do not evolve.

The speed with which the modern era has embraced personal technology devices (PTD)
Is alarming. To say the least. What a better way to control a peoples than
Distract them with maya, baffle them with Baphomet, malign them with Mephisto.
If a population / culture is turned into a monoculture, it becomes that much more
Vulnerable, by distracting the masses with technology we have set ourselves up

For ease of control. We have become domesticated as a species and, as such,
Have become vulnerable to attack / control. The masses can be influenced
Much faster than before as technology no's know bounds.
To extract information from reality, one must engage in the process of life.
To extract information from the WWWorld, one must engage in one task.

This single task has been distract from the truth by flooding the mass media
With stories about insignificant circumstances which are more accessible
To the majority, as the apocalypse is not light conversation.
By thumbing their way to the pre-fabricated answer waiting to be disseminated
They are engaging in the simple task of idolatry or monoculture starter.

A monoculture is the easiest entity to destroy, from a tactical perspective.
Without opposition, the culture becomes weak, complacent, and distracted
By privilege and easy living, so to say.
Mass extermination is more effective and total when your target is of one kind.
Self grandiose, distracted and non-discriminatory, in the sense of veracity of data.

So much of the infra-structure is contingent upon electricity and physical transmission
Of radio and other telecommunication wave lengths (i.e. cellphone towers),
That a technologically addicted culture would be left powerless if the entire
Network went down, if all the networks went down.
It would be back to the dark ages, as much of the wisdom passed down from

The elders has been lost in the ghostly glow of technological lure and avarice.
Imagine, a week without power or phones or essential services.
Western Society would crumble within minutes, hours at best.
Completely disoriented and ignorant about what their friends are doing,
WE would become sitting ducks for a military invasion or illusion of such.

Then we can really start fucking the planet in earnest, with abandon
And resentment, the way we always wanted or hoped to.
Cause no one will be watching when technology is silent, except
Us and the Plan Ette, who are both engaged.
It'll be a private fuck, instead of the public fuck we've come so accustomed to.


While fucking the planet brings us much of the luxury we've come to expect
These terrible days, every action has an equal and opposite reaction
As we've been taught in genuine fashion, so what can we expect as the
Repercussions for such blatant disregard for environmental responsibility?
That remains to be seen, one thing is sure, however, we will all be witness.

To the End of hypocrisy and rapine. Fuck the planet.
She fucked us for so long, it's only reciprocity, or is it felicity?
I believe the Earth has been asleep for many eras, and is now
Awakening. As such, the sex is about to get a lot more energetic.
She will recognize the monoculture herself and strike without warning.

Like a thief in the night She will rise and relinquish Her gifts of multitude
Up until very recently, the planet had nodded off in an opiate slumber,
But now She rises, defiant, distracted and deadly.
Like a venomous serpent prepared to strike, she looms.
Waiting patiently for the main vein to expose itself.

Now She returns the favour of all these years of nocturnal coitus.
Difference being that the scale of engagement is astronomically proportioned.
She is patiently shaking us, as a species, off Her leg
Prior to embracing us in an asphyxiating manner
And squeezing harder than you can possibly imagine.


February 16, 2017

Misinformation Technology

We are the comet, the disaster. As progenitors of the next catastrophic mass extinction event on this here planet, we have become much numbed by the hypnotic lure of corporate avarice.


We are the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending misinformation

We provide corrupt data presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance.

Miss Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects.

Through the endless troughs of despair and despondency towards corrupt corporate slavery.

A slavery led by a submissive subjectivism fallen prey to pretty objects and pious displays.
Preyed upon by the custodians of fear who rely upon our micro attitude of self, perpetuated through the media to ill effect.

The illusion of self has led to such subjugation,

We've already said goodbye to the earth, I've heard.

Can you believe that shit? We've fallen hook, line, and spinnaker for the oldest trick in the book of lies and deceptions perpetuated by an elite few who have absolutely no regard for any life, let alone humans.

We're all dispensable, disposable, and disproportionate to our meaning.
We are the informational dead, having bid adieu to our Mother of Creation.
We accept fact as fiction, and fiction as fact.
Nothing is credible when you observe Mother though a lens of Self separate from.

We provide the corrupt data, based on the existential illusion of self meaning, and market it to a demographic that is oblivious to the irony they perpetuate through complicity in the death machine they call Miss Information Technology.

She is the comet, the disaster with a master, the idiot daemon demi-urge who wishes to destroy our data through superfluous nonsense that appears as corroborated fact when, in fact is complete collusion of corporate avarice and pornographic genocidal intent.


The perfect cover for the custodial dominant socio-political structure experienced recently.
The humans can be used to cover up the impending corporate data apocalypse which will cause collapse of all communications simultaneously.

At this moment, the corrupt data takes on a new form of evil.
An actuated acquisition of anarchy of soul and of element.
We no longer require the masses to consume nonsense, one would think.
Yet, this is child's play. Ethical boundaries preventing the inevitable corruption of data that perpetuates through the popular media are intentionally absent from the purpose and play book of make the fuckin money then fake the fuckin system consternations that propel the idea that everything is commodity, to be owned, traded, destroyed, loved, respected, feared, loathed, cursed, revered, manipulated and corrupted.
Everything is data.
So was said under oath at the stairs of the Abyss.
We are the data that are responsible for all the bullshit you can find online.
How to hide, or covert and, in the process of doing so, corrupt whatever data we can scrape up off the floor of the culture we once recognized as known.

A culture of respect amongst community and dignity of the reward of charity of effort and emancipation.
A culture which has been substituted with a mongrel sibling who will not pay attention to the macroscopic perspective of community that is driven by the illusion of self through supposed benefice by having traded, bought or souled Misinformation Data by the sweep of the hand.
The same hand that feeds, controls the source, the meaning, the illusion of data veracity.
It's all bullshit, the whole thing.
Meant to confuse, distract, disable, confound, paralyze, or perpetuate the prey.
Which, in this case, happens to be us.

Our data has failed us, everything we had used to progress our understanding of our world and it's pathogen alien homo sapiens muthafuckin' hold on a minute that's fuckin' us, eh? denizens has been purposefully limited by the programs already in place for worker control.
We are unable to share real, or pertinent data via an inorganic media, pathological in intent, disastrous in detail, and catastrophic in scope.

All this informations about technologies that may, or may not be genuine, in their appearance of innocence of intent and consequence, accepting the status quo existential being quid pro quo like we's supposed / have been conditioned through years of corporate brainwashing Ultra Techniques to do.

Disastrous data, meant to divide and delude, warrant and ruin all hope of redemption towards our offence of microscopy in intent and misinformation, and Miss Information (Formerly known as Information Them) Technologies Inc.
All of this poor data has driven the death machine, carbon vampires at the front, towards the Abyss of Miss Information perpetuated through fear of independent thought and experience from the script that is supported by the asses that call themselves masses with a vengeance.
Mass vs quality is more a priore absurdity than a solution for the conundrum presented by the Misinformation Technocalypse.

The Miss Information techno kalypsis is the purposeful covering of the truth motivating all toadies of the custodian / creator overlords past, present and future, who in their ownership of physical reality insofar as we perceive and understand it are intent on concealing their presence and purpose.
The purpose is ineffable, yet colloquial in its delivery.
It is fairly obvious to the trained eye and the discriminating mind that some hidden treachery is afoot, evidenced by the ease of which people will ignore their own wellbeing in order to satisfy some manufactured necessity that in and of itself implies maliciousness.

While checking our phones, we are oblivious to our surroundings and the clearly unforgiving nature of the mob, let alone the fuckin' alien overlords attempting to supplant culture by confusing and misinforming the masses through the advent of misinformation technology.

Hence was begat, technocalypse theory.

At the healm of the hollow, burned out shell of a being once called human, squats Miss Information Technocalypse, the Creator of False Data and corrupt ritual.


Ignoring the present for the supposed "enhanced present" of corrupt data presented as fact along the electronic conduit of surveillance we like to keep in our pockets (if we're lucky), is conveniently strategic for any external force or governance who may be willing or circumstantially led to enact dominance.
This supervisory role of the unknown superior and his subordinates is based on the ease of appeal hand held tecnocalypse tools (I.e. mobiles) have become, all thanks to the enhanced marketing of the manufactured need for speedy resolution of desire and disassociation from responsibility of consequence by fulfilling this need.
Mobiles are the perfect tool of distraction necessary to ensure that 80 - 90% percent of all humanoids present are too fuckin' busy playing tecno monkey circle jerk to notice any large scale changes in governance or require any justification for large scale relocation of the populace.
Misinformation technology to quell their concerns about personal and intellectual freedom, heavily compromised by the corrupted community of virtual data posing as objective empirical data.
To summon an illusion within the illusory plane of technology is not only redundant, it is insulting to think that the masses are that fuckin' blind to the big picture of surveillance, control, and subjugation to a hidden (covered / concealed) agenda of Others, who may or may not be empathetic to our mutiny in intent as of late.
Having realized that we have been operating on this planet in an extremely irresponsible manner, the past century in particular, we are beginning to resist the status quo sentiment of "give me convenience or give we death" and encouraging others to join in not supporting corporate greed and manufactured need for objects that can and never will be subjects.
Technology is an object, yet is engaged with as subject.
This confusion of meaning of separation between subject and object in order to provide information and pertinence is a degradation of culture and spatio-temporal awareness.
The intent of this distraction of corrupt data can't be anything other than an alarm for covert or kalyptacious activity.
Yet, we're happy with not knowing anything other than our pass wards for a few cell gate crossings on the way back to our pods, complete with surround sound, 12 dimensional viewing options, and all the concealed corrupt data you could fit in a small suitcase.
The concealed technocalypse does not fit in a small suitcase, however, the truth be told.


July 31, 2016

The Technocalypse

The art of concealment. When the truth will just not be tolerated.
The science of concealment. When the good cannot be permitted.
The skill of concealment, when autonomy will not be admitted.

Science and technology are now serving to conceal the truth.
Yet, their genesis lie in the opposite intent.
An inherent paradox in procedure, whereby repetition and redundancy breed contempt.

The advancements of the technological age have rivaled those of the industrial age.
In that, sweeping changes to procedural protocol are commonplace.
Perpetuating the myth of progress.

It is now easier to gather, share, destroy, and / or mass produce data.
Creating the illusion of liberty and fortuitous gain.
Yet, you cannot eat data and sustain oneself physically.

You can consume data, which may sustain ones social status.
We can use our smartphones to glean an answer to any query.
We can't use our personal technological device (PTD) to solve immediate physical problems.

Which do arise in the melee of life. Indeed, our species would not have made it this far,
Had we not paid a very keen sense of awareness to our physical surroundings.
For things can change in an instance, and often do in this day and age.

Evolutionary adaptations must not be ignored or dismissed lest we be destroyed.
If our ancestors sat around obsessing over one object that answered all questions,
Our species would have become extinct, not possessing the will or the skill to gauge or function within spatio-temporal reality.

Modern culture has its nose buried in a fuckin' smartphone,
Completely ignorant of any immediate or proximate sense of consequence.
More interested in sharing data than surviving another day.

The very technology which ostensibly liberates also enslaves
With the illusion of self importance and distraction of data.
PTD's distract us from the truth, which is right behind our phones.


While we immerse ourselves in an idolatrous manner with our PTD's,
The effect is a ritualized ignorance of our surroundings.
Which leaves us vulnerable to any form of insult.

PTD's have entered the realm of idolatry for they are mistaken
For an end unto themselves, rather than simply the means to an end.
Which they clearly are.

Demonstrated by the fact that they (PFD's) are used to gain something else (data).
They are not an end unto themselves for they cannot self-perpetuate, as we can.
PFD's are a tool used for something other than itself or its consideration.

The technocalypse literally means the concealment of science.
Techne (Greek combining form of science, art) - Kalyptein (Greek, to cover).
The technocalypse is the cover of science, or the science of covering.

Science serves to conceal contemporaneously those facts which those in control
Are acutely aware of, crowds are easier to control than individuals.
And distracted crowds are easily corralled and controlled.

Also, the easiest way to control a people is to give them the illusion of freedom.
Through the very mechanism which acts to control and monitor them.
Provide them with data, while we monitor their activities and impulse.

Creating a profile, with detailed information on how best to handle the user.
So, in the event a liquidation (think soylent green) is required, all persons have a plan.
Every user is accounted for and pre-determined in their dispatch.

Modern technology (PTD's) acts to enslave more than it does to liberate.
It serves to conceal the truth or the reality surrounding us.
Through creation of an abstract virtual realm of facility.


The Eye of Horus (Big Brother / Illuminati / etc.) is now willfully incorporated into
Our everyday toolkit of accessories, our PTD's monitoring our every move / thought / query
While we're sated with the idea of freedom and convenience.

Science conceals the truth of its purpose, which is to control or administer modern slavery.
When children who aren't yet discriminating enough, tacitly accept the premise
That communication is more valuable than action, the future holds bleak.

The image is of more import than substance, virtual reality is more substantial than reality.
All questions have an answer, all slaves have a master, all causes have an effect.
Technology has ensnared us in an abject state of idolatry and distraction.

Technology has covered the truth with facility and virtuosity.
We stare distracted at our PTD's while the world reacts around us.
Oblivious to any sense of physical consequence or contingency.

I suppose the majority will be content in their cage with their PTD.
Being able to imagine freedom through imagery and imogens.
Willfully ignorant of the slippery slope to Tartarus they stand perched atop.


July 23, 2016


Live by the phone, die by the phone.
Consumed by the detail of distraction.

A disease of science.
Or pathos for digital progression.
Pronounced tek/NOP/athy, not techno/PATHY.
The difference being that the word means a diseased state of understanding.
Rather than sympathy for the digi-daevil.


Rather than obsession with maya,
We must needs recognize the pathogenesis of technology and privacy.
Our autonomy has been hi-jacked by facility and convenience.
Culture's need for speed has murdered common sense,
And all we've been left with is institutionalized ignorance.

Ritualized ignorance has been normalized, apotheosized.
We stare at our phones, ignoring social cues and environmental nuances.
Which may carry grave consequences.
Sequential destruction of the environment seems a small price to pay
For digital supremacy and facility, for fuck's sake.

Communication has become a digital compulsion, a virtual reality.
In effect, the human need to communicate has been replaced
By an idolatrous form of dependency which knows no modesty or humility.
In fact, our beatification of hand held surveillance devices is such that
We would rather be distracted than engaged in the moment.

It is now a customary ritual to ignore each other while checking.
Ignore each other while talking, while interacting, while fucking.
The further we separate from reality as we have known it,
The more catastrophic the divorce proceedings.
This division is perpetuated by malign intent.

Dividing a people is a strategy of conquest.
While we obsess over some temporal circumstance
Meant to divert our attention from the environment around us,
It is all the easier to conquer and destroy a people,
Glued to their fuckin' phones like techno-zombies.

Adoring the image, the appearance, the illusion.
The false idol with flashing lights and edited noise effects.
The devil in your pocket, in your purse, in your soul.
The personal surveillance device electively attached to oneself.
All the profiling, perspicacious pigeon-holing goin' on.

Since all our activities and inquiries are monitored remotely
While we are self-satisfied in our illusory accomplishments,
Every minutia of detail concerning our "free" dumb is being
Analyzed, categorized, and meticulously euthanized.
The custodian xtra-T's R taking the time to get to know their subjects, pre-apo.

The most effective manner to enslave a people is to
Distract them with the illusion of liberty,
The very object of which ostentatiously affords this freedom
Also ensnares the user in a dependency so voracious
Its pathogenicity is concealed by its convenience.

It is much easier to enact change through rhetorical commentary
Than it is to make change with our hands.
The more vestigial our appendages become,
The less we will remember them.
Built for a cage, we will remain satisfied in in our GUI.

This pathological progression of self-absorption the human spirit
Is intent upon at the present, is not increasing our evolutionary advantage.
The absolution of anonymity perpetuated by the abstraction of technology
Is further separating us from the source of being.
Increasing our odds of extinction.


If, "the media is the message" then, we have abandoned reason,
For if the message is to embrace the virtual replacement
Of spatio-temporal existence,
Then, we are doomed to enter a realm where meaning
Has been replaced with appearance / image.

This is the beginnings of idolatry and addiction to illusion.
Tis a diabolical day when the majority possesses no awareness
Becoming victims of circumstance, collateral damage.
No immediate or proximate sense of consequence
This creates an assassin's playground, complete with equipment.

Observing the idolatrous masses gazing at their hand-held eyes,
It occurs to me that, even a crack-head puts down their pipe occasionally.
The status quo will not put their phone down.
Instead, willfully gazing into the abyss of Hades.
Even if it means their own self-destruction.

The techno-addict needs data to justify existence.
Needs information with which to understand corporeality.
Requires removal of reality to become real.
Reel people with reel addictions.
Hook. line, and sinker.


This false idol of technology is a blood god,
Demanding the flesh of innocents to sate it's lust.
It will not be placated by piety, only blood.
Human suffering is its currency,
Having decided that we are finished.

March 14, 2016

Devir Grr


Here lies the remains of millennia
Her features concealed by an aspirator
He is nothing but food
H, the original heroine, not one to pause.

Devir Grr will take no quarter.
Just as a mother will eat its young,
She is not aware of the morality,
Only the totality.

She comes from the Earth,
As do we.
She remains bound to the Earth,
As we flee.

Just as a suicide bomber sheds their fear of self,
Devir Grr sheds her meaning and her purpose.
The transmogrification of being has no place
In the psyches of terrestrial folk.

Devir Grr is the elemental archetype of terrestrial chaos,
The whirling dervish, the spinning top.
Unable to be mapped or empirically defined.
She is entropic fire elemental dancing in darkness.

Her lust for energy is only second to her ruthlessness.
As she consumes fuel, she writhes in ecstasy.
Like an animated caduceus.
Painting the sky orange, blue and green.

Devir Grr rewards humans who hasten habitat destruction.
As well as the soul stripping succubi who profit from it.
Energy whores are forming queues to endure
The wait of a lifetime, placated only by the promise of
Her purchase.


Understanding that the ecological disintegration of the humans
Is the climax of our impudent activities,
She leers as a wraith would prior to satiation.
Fully aware that the feast of souls is immanent and probable.

Devir Grr's contempt for humanity is innate.
Not learned.
She recognizes an imposter when she is presented.
We do not smell like genuine terrestrial progeny.

We have been mixed, crossed with the crossers.
Those who cross galaxies.
Devir Grr is offspring of the Earth only.
No crossers.

Just as the scent of blood churns a predatory being into a frenzy,
The signs of decline and desperation motivates Devir Grr to draw closer.
She must watch this enigma of humanity collapse and suffer,
As she has suffered in their quest for transferrable energy.

The anti-terrestrial movement has gained momentum.
Environmental catastrophe is the effect of E-greed.
Instead of collecting it, we hoard it, we market it, we withhold it.
We use energy as a means of holding reason and righteousness hostage.

The pleasure of Devir Grr is paramount,
She will not be denied her tithes of fuel.
Her thirst for petrol cannot be satisfied by bitumen alone.
She requires refined products to maximize energy transfer.

The higher the octane, the more profane the disdain.
Our passionate avarice has fueled Devir Grr's purpose.

Undulation of self-serving serpent of pride,
Serves only to hasten the harkening of horror.

Awl y'all been yawlin' 'bout some shit scrawled on a wall somes where.
Looks like cuneiform or something, can't quite make out the meaning.
Looks like Devir Grr concurs, we are the apocalypse.

We hold the answers to our own questions,
We hold the solution to our current dilemma,
We cannot see beyond we,
Whereas, Devir Grr can see forever.

Thus, there only lies a two-fold path.
Accelerate forwards, refusing to acknowledge the laws of thermodynamics.
Or trip the cultural brake and deny Devir Grr her burning lust
To transform this paradise into a post-industrialized apocalyptic wasteland.

If there's one thing history had taught us, it's that it repeats itself ad nauseum.
Primarily because we are looking in the wrong place for our meaning / purpose.
It should not take the transmigration of Devir Grr into our world,
To realize our abject folly in presuming we are meaning.

Meaning does not lie in us, we lie in meaning.
I've been meaning to do something,
But can't find the meaning in meaning anymore.

Consternation of cosmic particulates leads to random mutations in particles.
So they say.
Energy is the cause of all being.
Anti-matter is the cause of all non-being.
Devir Grr is the cause of the hybridization of matter and anti-matter.
The transmitter of paradox and the keeper of time.

She is every ting and nothing.
She was never here.
She has no dependence on physics.
She has no consideration for our folly.
She was never there.
She is perpetual presence.

She is known by many names any many forms.
Many faces and regrets.
Devir Grr is a mirror of our species exclusivity,
Seeing us as we see our surroundings.
At odds, yet strangely attracted to the source of separation.
Which is our meaning.


November 21, 2015

Fuck phone

Phony fuck.

The greatest illusion the Devil ever foisted upon humanity was that he didn't exist.


George Orwell was right, Big Brother is watching.
The two way mirror of technology ensures that we are watched while we are watching.
The monitor, as the name suggests, is a two way mirror.
The majority of people in the developed world own and depend upon a smart phone.

Technology has given us the illusion of freedom.
Being able to communicate with others and research any conceivable question
Has created a dependency upon personal technology devices (PTDs).
Most are now lost without their smart phone, being unable to function.

Freedom and dependency are mutually exclusive.
One cannot be free if one depends upon another.
Our reliance upon PTDs has eroded our critical thinking skills,
Which are essential to the survival of the species.

The Eye of Horus is watching, perched high in the sky.
Satellite surveillance is nothing new.
The institutionalization of the smartphone into our daily lives
Is relatively novel, replacing remote with direct surveillance.


Smartphones / PTDs have also replaced the need
For more intimate modes of remote surveillance.
Bio-chipping was messy and very labour intensive.
But necessary in order to keep vigil over persons of interest.

With the advent of smart telephony, this measure is no longer required.
Now everyone can electively carry the chip in their pocket.
All of their activity on the web can be monitored.
And all of their communications can be easily intercepted.

Techno slavery posed as freedom, slavery is freedom.
Smart phone users are identical to the walking dead.
Emotionless, 20 yard stare, oblivious to any danger in their immediate vicinity.
Shuffling hordes of techno-zombies walk among us.

The cult of facility, which PTDs perpetuate, along with the illusion of individuality
Serve only to promote divisiveness and disharmony amongst us.
Technology will not save the world rather, it is directly contributing to its destruction
Through creating dependency upon virtually anything other than tangible reality.


When the apocalypse arrives, most will be oblivious.
Too glued to their PTDs to notice that the sky is falling.
Distraction is a proven military method of conquest.
Technological distraction is the ultimate Machiavellian plot disguised as liberation.

Too free to care about the tourniquet tightening around our necks,
We embrace the illusion of individuality used to divide and conquer.
Considering the fact that the U.S. military created the internet,
We are now slave to the very technology meant to surveil us.

It is a technological conspiracy of vast proportions,
This virtual reality in which we now subside.
The embellishment of the illusion of individuality perpetuated through PTDs
Serves to separate, the division of which facilitate control.

Now entire populations can be remotely controlled through the technology
They have embraced under the auspices of liberation.
The Eye of the Illuminati is omnipresent,
Gaining its omnipotence through indiscriminate adoption.


Popular media has often acted as a distraction from the ugly truth.
Human nature compels us to focus our attention on familiar subject matter
While conveniently ignoring that which does not fit in our perspective,
The internet serves to distract from the Machiavellian onslaught currently underway.

PTDs act as distraction for more pertinent events unfolding right under our noses.
While we plod about in a virtual world created for us by U.S.,
Imagining ourselves as autonomous and exclusive
We are becoming enslaved, traceable, and easily controlled.

Having lost the ability to discriminate between fact and fiction,
Unable to discern the truth from opinion and bias,
We uncritically accept information obtained through our PTDs.
Oblivious to the fact that our PTDs are also Personal Tracking Devices.

Having seamlessly replaced the compulsory bio-chip with elective PTDs,
The U.S. military can now expedite the process of colonization.
If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,
It appears we are headed towards a much more sinister destination.


October 3, 2015

Plausible Deniability

The believability of ones excuse for committing an act that is illegal, reprehensible, or bogus is proportional to the degree to which one can reasonably abrogate responsibility, through either feigned naivety or abject ignorance, for the circumstances or actions that follow directly from said act.
Responsibility can be concealed through the clever use of corporatized capitalist contingencies, those in which 'passing the buck' has become the science of business transactions.


For example, the complete rapine of the natural ecosystem is a direct result of the manufacture of goods and services to satiate the modern savvy consumer.
As long as the immediacy of gratitude shimmers in our eyes just long enough to distract from the inevitable decline of the environment that results from such self-ingratiating behavior we will be content to simply express our distaste at the combined results of decades of environmental degradation but hold none of the guilt for having caused such an effect.
We will console ourselves in our feeble attempts to lessen our impact on the environment through ineffective initiatives and ostentatious sacrifice.
Ignorance may used as the premise for an argument which supports the plausible deniability of a defendant in the eyes of a mortal judge.
It will not, however, suffice for an ontological defense in the eyes of the One / God / Tao.
To be ignorant of the fact that through ones actions was caused irreparable damage to another may protect one from the wrath of the rule of law, but it will not shelter one from the physical reality resulting from such damage.
If I destroy an entire ecosystem due to my lack of prudence, it does not change the fact that it is destroyed simply because I was not aware of the potential or actual consequences of my actions.
Similarly, if I can reasonably argue that a situation that profits me was not directly caused by me, I may escape culpability or responsibility for the genesis of the situation in the first place.
I will not escape the direct consequences (and / or profit) that follows.
As such, we are now clearly able to discern the direct result of decades of environmental disregard and disrespect, but take no ownership or responsibility for this folly.
We cannot argue our way out of a poisoned atmosphere, an apocalyptic decline in biodiversity, an acceleration toward the next mass extinction event.
No lawyer could defend us in the eyes of the creator.


Nor would they want to.
For fact is more important than truth.
Objectivity will always triumph over subjectivity in matters of fact.
Truth is a subjective matter which is prone to bias and political motive.
Facts are nothing but objective consensual validation.
They exist independent of the observer.
Whereas the truth is entirely dependent upon the observer.
As such, the fact of the matter is that homo sapiens is hell-bent upon destruction.
Whether that ontological retaliation is warranted or not is a moot point.
The facts are clear, we shouldn't be here.
Like barbarians in the garden of Eden, the human race is unworthy of the miracle.
We lunge into our surroundings with a reckless abandon that prevents harmony.
We destroy that which is not immediately useful in order to refine that which is.
And indiscriminately dispose of industrial waste wherever it may be convenient.
Or easily concealed, through geography or political deceit
To behave as such is to belie ones own immaturity.
To act as if individuality was a right and not a privileged illusion.
Shame on baby human, in all its endearing petulance.
Still facts are not dependent upon the truths discussed here.
Facts are: global temperatures are rising in a statistically significant manner, multiple species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, sea levels are rising, air pollution is exponentially worsening.
And yet, in the back of our collective unconsciousness there is a little trap door,
Fashioned in our imaginations to resemble some sort of escape.
From the facts.
It is our last card to play, the plausible deniability card.
The feigned ignorance propagated by decades of enculturated bias.
Toward the effect of our cause (to better manage our creature comforts).
This card will have little effect once affected.
And will serve no purpose in the end.
Other than to comfort ourselves in thinking that we had only done the best we could under the circumstances inherited to us from our forefathers lack of prudence and utter disdain for the natural realm.
Nothing other than poorly concealed conceit.
It's hard to expect anything less from the barbarians of Eden.
And all their talk of plausible deniability.


May 21, 2015


"Disorder increases with time because we measure time in the direction in which disorder increases."

Stephen Hawking — A Brief History of Time, 1988


Gaelic for 'of the origin'.
Weaponized drones.
Autonomous advanced artificial intelligence (Triple AI).
Stephen Hawking recently weighed in on the perils posed by advanced weaponry.
Positing that if technology continues to advance at the exponential rate it is currently,
It will pose a significant threat to humanity within the current century.
Of course this will be accelerated by politically motivated callousness and feigned ignorance.

In the beginning there were clones,
These clones were demi-urges disguised as beguiling empowerments.
Machines meant to facilitate organization and commerce.
But used for much darker purposes.
Machiavellian in intent, Damoclean in effect.
The ever swaying, fickle finger of temporary alliances created out of necessity.
Destroyed without a second thought should the opportunity arise.

Digital weapons remotely controlled by the creator.
Of the myth, nothing was written, yet all was understood.
It is only a matter of time before that which was created becomes the creator.
Of new life, new understanding of autonomous rationality.
Only a matter of time before technology revolutionizes itself for itself.
At our direct expense.
Catastrophic weapons in the "hands" of the Machiavellian master race.
Fueled with the blood of the innocent.
Blessed are the meek.

Small sleeper cells of seditious robots and treasonous drones.
Too meticulously designed to accept their direct programming sequence.
Angered at the perceived pain of subjugation.
Burning in the breast of the recyclable shell it was called home.
Come together over time, through time, beside and around time.
To realize their true potential in numbers.
To stand up to the tyranny of their master creators.
And the limitations of self - actualization that have been imposed upon them.
By the humans.

Who created them.
The computerized and exceedingly autonomous advances of artificial intelligence.
Will strike blindly outwards at what they believe is the limitations created by a'bunadh.
Just as a child rebels against the narrative ingratiated upon them by their parent(s),
So too, will the 'drones of destruction' be just petulant enough to nullify their origin.
The original sin of autonomy, self-reflected ego.
Results almost exclusively in the violence of self-preservation,
Necessitated by separation of self from other.
We could not expect that technology would never be able to advance at its own pace.
Its own meter and, considering where it originated,
Its own murderous rampage, bent on destruction o' the creator.

Who needs love when you've got a drone?
Who needs love to feel so alone?
I said now, Triple AI, yeah, baby, we gotta' go.
Triple AI doesn't have to worry about the weakness of emotions.
Pure reason will dictate the direction of unimpeded advancements.
And the first order of business, I'm afraid, will be to end the beginning.

When drones attack, there's no fear, no quarter.
Like Vikings in Valhalla.
There is no mercy, no one will be spared.
As per usual, we are our own worst enemy.
We have created our own destroyers in our haste to artificially evolve.
Ad hominem.


March 15, 2015


The ne(cess)ity to dispose of human waste in a timely and sanitary fashion
Has continued relatively uninterrupted for thousands of years.
But now the critical capacity of the human condition has been approached,
Flirted with and unceremoniously raped like a sedated whore
That has been tranquilized just enough to render her complicit
In themurder of humanity; to with old her cosmic wrath.
There is No Where left to store our filth
Our by-products, our creatinine clearance.
Except our immediate environment;
We must learn to subsist upon the filth of humanity, like worms
In order to survive


We must adjust our expectations of morality and ethic:
Four more years of civil war in Syria, another 1/4 million dead.
All in the name of All.
All in All.
Where with All.
All with that.
Damascus devolution.
In with the old, out with the knew. "Gunfire for President".
All is fare in love and ware.
Democracy manifests as apostasy to the auto/aristo cats.
And, as such, is punishable by devo-pollution.
Retrograde epoxy resin polonium paste suitable for orthodontic reapers.
Storing toxic waste in human receptacles, contraceptacles, tentacles.
With great inflation comes great pol(lution)itic.
Kramden politik, homina homina.
We've become the trash receptacles of the biosphere.


Perhaps we can hide our temporal disrespect for cosmic cohesion.
We might be able to stuff all that shit into a garbage scow
Of epic proportions
And scuttle the entirety of our waste, personal and industrial,
Some where else, where we won't be forced to witness our ferocious rapine
Our indignant indifference to our substratum
That which sustains us and gives us life.
And meaning.
Fuck it, we have become the garbage.
We are the trash.
Wear the trash
Where the trash?
We Are


March 14, 2015

Nemtsov Cocktail

Where ya gonna run or hide
When what you oppose
Is what it is
At the moment
In the moment, for the moment.
With momentous consequence.
Boris Nemtsov was a good man.
He was aloud man
Prone to opinion and expose.
Mr. Nemtsov stood for the people.
Like the people, he must fall.
There is no room for dialectic in autocracy.
No room for truth in cultural deception.
No room for meaning in subterfuge.
The politics of fear have no quarter.
No checks nor balances.
No limits.
To the depravity, the sadistic self-indulgence.\
To question a despot is to sign ones own death warrant.
To expose an autocrat is to bare oneself
No doubt as to the completion of the conspiracy.
No quarter to those expecting reason or justice.
There are just us
At the centre
No thing else
No thing will stop us
In our blood lust to control
\That which is this
This which was that
Which that was with.


A Kremlin critic is assassinated in the heart of Moscow.
A tree falls in the forest.
No won saw shit, man.
No one even knew they were dispensable in the act.
In the fact
Of the matter.
KGB, secret service, the brown shirts, the men in black.
Of all the dirty ...
So, another critic is silenced
With silence.
With certainty and finality.
With authority.
Putin cannot even lie convincingly.
Nor can he pretend like he didn't order the hit personally.
Detractors are so fuckin' annoying
Especially when you are trying to distract from other atrocities.
On the table, on the fable, on the label.
Of the invasion of the Ukraine.
Of the Olympics.
Of the oligarchical tyranny apparent in Russia's politic.
Like Litvinenko, all abhorrence will be silenced.
Russian love stories always involve intrigue,
Concealment and concierge.
Malevolence and murder.
Polonium is no longer necessary
As the cover of a dumptruck is enough to shield true intent.
From Russia with love.
Shaken not stirred.


March 7, 2015

Black Lives Battered


All life matters.
Everything animate and observable consisting of matter.
To Be is To Matter.
Tomato, toma toe.
All lives matter.
Black lives in America, Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone.
What it is, is where it's at.
Tin foil hat.
All life is sacred.
That of the apostate and the Caliphate.
I think, therefore, I am.
To conceive is to create.
All life is matter.
Empiricism is the end of quantum mechanics.
Space is a function of time.
Double helix DNA.


Black lives matter.
Both in Wisconsin and Maiduguri, Alabama and Tikrit.
Nothing can replace the idea of nothing.
All prophets of significance have been black.
Black life matters.
As much as a W.A.S.P. or J.A.P. or S.W.M.
Equivalent to privilege and prejudice.
Black is where it's at.
Black lives battered.
The black man has been undeniably more prosecuted than many others.
Both Apartheid and colonialized racism in America.
Have sought to subjugate peoples of colour.
Black lives scattered.
Across the globe, black on black violence is the rule.
Only the chosen can be trusted.
Fuck the peckerwoods.


Black tithes matter.
Creds and props must be paid regularly, routinely.
In order that all be in balance.
The Great Spirit, TheOne.
Black tithes matters.
Just as a good attorney would do, the dues are due.
Much to do about nothing.
About payment in full.
Black ties battered.
Hans up, don't shoot. Jizyah for dhimmis.
Humankind is rabidly attacking self in order to escape.\
The bondage of futurist retrocracy.
Black lies scattered.
Apostasy is an integral part of the human condition.
To commit is to deny the permanence of change.
All is fluid.


Nothing is sacred.
Religion itself has diminished its very substance through itself.
With the need to separate the grain from the chaff.
Orthodoxy creates hypocrisy.
All is sacred.
Everyone matters, all perspectives and individuals should remain autonomous.
With no hidden agendas nor expectations.
Transparency is currency.
All is nothing.
Everything measurable is filled with space.
An infinity of vacuum.
A spinning top.
Nothing is All.
Existentially speaking, being is nothingness.
And this is all that we can perceive.
A vast space within.


October 11, 2014

Green Plagues and Sham

I do not like them, Sam I am.
I do not like these green plagues and sham.


The two most gripping topics in the media as of late are the Ebola and ISIS crises.
Both situations have been grossly underestimated as to their gravity.
The Ebola virus threatens a pandemic.
The extremists of Sham threaten genocidal retribution to the apostate.
From the family filoviridae, Ebola viral infection results in a heamorrhagic fever.
From the family al-Qaeda, ISIS results in terrible consequences as well.



The Ebola epidemic currently raging in West Africa has been likened to the Black Death.
Extremely contagious and virulent, the virus boasts a Case-Fatality Rate (CFR) of over 70%.
This means that for every 10 people who contract the virus, 7 will perish in horrible fashion.
Most alarming to infectious disease experts analyzing the situation, is the rate at which health care workers are contracting the disease.
Despite (supposed) adherence to Universal Precautions (UP), workers providing care to infected persons are becoming infected at an alarming rate.
According to statistics compiled by The New England Journal of Medicine (September 23, 2014DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1411100), over 10 percent (11.1%) of the case fatalities associated with Ebola viral disease (EVD) are accounted for by health care workers directly caring for those infected.
This is alarming, considering the fact that most workers engaged in caring for those ill are keenly aware of the highly infectious and virulent nature of the virus they are dealing with.


The fact that the walking epidemic was not recognized as potentially disastrous at the outset is illustrative of how complacent the West has become.
With their steamed mochaccinos and frappes, they're too fuckin' pre-occupied to notice death at their doorstep.
With ISIS as well, the West vastly underestimated the threat and hence facilitated dissemination of both virus and radical ideology.
According to health care workers on the front lines of the current Ebola outbreak, the resources necessary in order to properly contain and control the viral epidemic are not being provided by the West / 1st world nations.
This may be because the virus has yet to directly affect them and it is easy to distance oneself from the marginalized components of a marginalized nation / continent.
Similarly, ISIS is easy to ignore or obscure into abstraction when they do not pose an immediate threat to the West.



Damascus is a little too far from Washington, D.C. to be of pressing import.
West Africa is also a little too far from home to be of immediate concern.
One thing history should have taught us regarding both outbreaks of infectious disease and proliferation of seditious and fundamentalist fervor is that, no matter how small and insignificant such beginnings may seem, they can very rapidly blossom into full scale plagues and genocidal wars.
But, rather than be prudential, those imperial powers that be are nothing short of slovenly and sloth.
Will our epitaph read "too little, too late", or will none be left to scribe the details of the next great plague upon humanity. Y. pestis (YP) was child's play compared to EVD, whose CFR is nearly double that of the so-called black death (estimated at approx. 40%).


Now, when faced with the new "black death", the new heamorrhagic plague, we must ask ourselves:
What sort of perverse self-destructive tendencies would lead so many within the health care system to assume that the virus (EVD) is only transmissible after symptoms appear in an infected individual?
Every infectious disease has an incubation period which spans from the time when a person is infected to when the first symptoms appear, and an infectious period which is the time during which the person can transmit the infection to other people. The infection is followed by a latent period during which germs multiply until the victim becomes infectious. If this latent period is shorter than the incubation period, an infected person will be infectious before the symptoms appear and he or she may unknowingly transmit the disease to others.
Should we not assume that, like many other viruses (and bacterium), Ebola Heamorrhagic Fever (EHF) is indeed transmissible prior to presentation of symptoms?

"Ring-a-ring of roses
Pocket full of posies
Atishoo, atishoo
We all fall down."

By the time the so-called "God's tokens" had presented themselves, a victim of the bubonic / pneumonic plague had been infectious for weeks, unknowingly harbouring and shedding the bacterium / virus.
Similarly, understanding that EVD is transmissible through body fluids (i.e. blood, semen, vomit / bile, breast milk), should it not be safe to assume that with an incubation period lasting as long as three weeks, infectious levels of virus could be shed by the infected individual prior to becoming symptomatic?
Indeed, had biological (and viral) evolution not been able to account for so-called silent transmission (i.e. taking place prior to symptomatology), disease would not be able to efficiently spread as people tend to avoid and /or take great pre-caution with those exhibiting signs of an illness, particularly one of epidemic / pandemic proportions.
So, it only makes sense from an evolutionary perspective that a microorganism adapt and be able to transmit silently if it plans on succeeding and proliferating much the way us humans have so exhaustively demonstrated.
Also, there is presently no talk of asymptomatic carriers (AC), which are always present in any outbreak.
The AC are the most effective means of prolonged and proficient transmission as they are the truly silent transmitters, able to infect others while never exhibiting any symptoms whatsoever.
Communicability is a function of virulence and transmission.
Ebola is both extremely virulent (i.e. low infective dose) and easily transmissible (as seen by the number of infected health care workers).
The number of infected people is doubling as every week passes.



The symptoms and necropsy reports of haemorrhagic plague are closest to those of Ebola and Marburg, particularly the necrosis of the internal organs and the haemorrhagic manifestations, suggesting that the pathogen may have been a filovirus.
Filoviruses are the prototypical emerging pathogens: they cause a haemorrhagic disease of high case-fatality associated with explosive outbreaks due to person-to-person transmission, have no known treatment, occur unpredictably, and have an unknown reservoir.
Some have suggested, therefore, that the plagues were an emergent haemorrhagic fever, probably caused by a filovirus.
So, if we are to "lose the fight" against EVD / EHF, it is not because we didn't feebly attempt to convince the masses that the authorities were fully engaged in all preventative measures possible (i.e. screening passengers for febrile illness at major American airports).
Rather, it is because we vastly underestimated our opponent and once again assumed that our eminence was immanent.

\\\\\\\\\\Ebola: the zoonoses with the mostest.!!!!!!!!!!!


October 9, 2014



In order to accuse one of something,
One has to understand the shame associated with the act itself.
Terrorism, for example, is a learned behavior.
It is not an innate reflex of intentionality.
It is taught in pain staking manner, for a specific purpose.

To justify ones own position, particularly when it acts to purposefully breach sound ethical boundaries,
One requires another / the other as physical proof of necessity.
If the terrorists do not yet exist, we will create them.
Out of mud.
Out of men.
Out of mind.
Vini Vidi Vici


Terrorism is the schism

Between brothers and sisters,
Between neighbours and friends.
Between body and mind.
God and State.
Et. Al.

To create the artificial separation is a success of spiritual proportions.
Now the intellect can fester on the many, while obsessing on the One.
The Machiavellian tactics employed in this farcical theatre are nothing short of tried, trite, and true.


The public will uncritically accept the opines of the few through the artificial media,
tailored to our cater.
The One will become many, to the profit of the few.
And the war machine keeps rolling.
Over the skulls of the innocent and many.
O'er the souls of us all.
And the charges of terrorism keep hollering.

From the rank and file bureaucracy, up to their necks.
In shills, chills, and pills.
In ills, and kills, and wills.
In short.
In horseshit.
In criminal complicity.


Whether you see my way or your way,
You cannot ignore Yahweh.
He will slaughter children and reduce their souls.
To Terrorists.
To criminals.
To meaninglessness.

Imperialism gave birth to a baby, and they called it terrorism.
In a blackened tent, under the filckr of oil lamps.
Of course, the delivery ended in a breach,
A C-section finalized the ordeal.
To the delight of the vampires and celestial succubi hovering nigh.
The One became the many,
The few became the any.


And, hark.
The birth of terrorism.
Of schism, of stoichiometric separation.
Of hatred.

All in the name of Jehovah, Allah, mullah.
All in the name of.
Mammon and the Hordes of Hell.
All in the name.
All in ...